For-Profit Membership

For-Profit Membership


For-profit organizations may gain all necessary access to any support they may need from Black Discussion & Awareness, Inc. through all of its efforts to inform, support, connect and motivate local communities.

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This packages empowers you, your family and anyone you choose through all of the benefits of the BANDS and ROC Programs. Here are some features and perks to your family having a Standard Membership: 

  • Get insider information spanning across industries
  • Receive guidance and support for personal goals and milestones
  • Gain physical, financial and moral support for Community Action Projects at no additional cost to you
  • Win cash or prizes worth up to $500.00
  • Receive invitations and paid admission to special events and other activities
  • Youth may receive free laptops for education and personal use
  • Youth may receive shopping sprees to prepare for the new school year
  • Receive college scholarships and funds for any program of study

Don't miss out on these amazing opportunities!