ROC Membership (Coming Soon)

ROC Membership (Coming Soon)


Youth aged 5 to 17 are invited to engage in learning and fun! Activities are geared toward supporting youth and providing needing information for them to excel in school and their communities.

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Give your children, aged 5-17, more of the tools they need to succeed! Here are some features and perks to your child having his/her own ROC Membership:

  • Get insider information spanning across industries
  • Receive guidance and support for personal goals and milestones
  • Gain physical, financial and moral support for Community Action Project at no additional cost to you
  • Win cash or prizes worth up to $500.00
  • Receive invitations and paid admission to special events and other activities
  • Receive free laptops for education and personal use
  • Receive shopping sprees to prepare for the new school year
  • Receive college scholarships and funds for any program of study

Don't miss out on these amazing opportunities!