Our Dedicated Activists.

Ground Leadership

Ground Leaders are fearless in carrying out the organization's mission and providing the best possible support to individuals and families of the community. See the list of positions to the right that will come available as we grow our organization. Check the "Careers" page to stay on top of what is currently available!




Events Coordinator

Counselor Facilitator

IT Manager

Finance Specialist

Human Resource Specialist

Public Relations Specialist

Client Relations Manager

Training Coordinator

Program Directors

Volunteer Services Coordinator

Program Assistants

Curriculum Coordinator

Recreation Coordinator

Administrative Assistants

Travel Coordinator

Travel Aide





Community Liaisons

Catering Coordinators


Writer Contributors

Community Project Leaders


Community Advisors


Executive Leadership

Justine G. Word   Executive Director

Justine G. Word

Executive Director

Cassundra Haynes   Director of Operations

Cassundra Haynes

Director of Operations


Board of Directors

Nyerere Billups, Sr.

Nyerere Billups, Sr.

Jamaal M. Walker, Esq.

Jamaal M. Walker, Esq.

Shonda Eldridge

Shonda Eldridge