Be a Leader.

Black Discussion & Awareness makes every effort to attract the most passionate and knowledgeable in our communities. Your passion is necessary because we want to know that you will absolutely love the work you do daily. Your knowledge is required due to our communities' need for accurate information and willing individuals to provide that information. If encouraging others and fostering amazing development in our communities are passions of yours, you've come to the right place.

Director of Community Outreach (Pine Bluff)

Flexible hours - work from home

This individual will plan, organize, direct and integrate programs and services, and establish, execute and oversee community outreach efforts that aid in fulfilling the organization's mission. 

Essential Functions:

  • Plan, organize, control and evaluate the work of Program Directors and the Public Relations Coordinator

  • Participate in budget planning

  • Manage and direct the development, implementation and evaluation of plans, policies, systems and procedures to achieve annual goals, priorities, and work standards

  • Represent the organization in public relations, or appoint representative who can interpret the organization's plans, policies and functions for elected and appointed boards, citizens, the business community and the public

  • Inform and advise internally & externally, on local and regional community development, environmental and infrastructure planning and related issues

  • Ensure the timely preparations of complete and accurate staff work for presentation to citizen committees, commissions and other interested and authorized parties

  • Perform research and analysis for presentations on special projects and community and planning issues

  • Coordinate with external parties, agencies and utilities to promote growth and establish the most effective and beneficial community outreach campaigns

Incumbent must exhibit skill in the following competency areas:

  • Communication

  • Critical Evaluation

  • Ethical Practice

  • Global & Cultural Awareness

  • Leadership & Navigation

  • Relationship Management

  • Collaboration

  • Project Management

  • Strategic Thinking

  • Problem Solving & Analysis

Director of Finance (Pine Bluff)

Flexible hours - work from home

This individual directs and manages the company's fiscal functions in accordance with all applicable laws and administrative policies and holds responsibility for financial transparency and reporting. 

Essential Functions:

  • Ensure timely and accurate budget analysis, implementation and evaluation, and financial review

  • Recommend and develop financial policies, procedures and systems to fulfill the organization's mission and objectives

  • Provide strategic leadership and support on the evaluation of all potential alliances, partnerships, or measures that would affect the organizations finances

  • Work to optimize the handling of bank and deposit relationships and initiate needed strategies for improvement

  • Coordinate with IT team to utilize, develop and manage financial programs and other technologies to allow the organization to carry out initiatives

  • Stay abreast of industry trends and regulations to ensure effectiveness and compliance

  • Establish financial reporting systems and controls to ensure compliance with expenditure requirements and to meet organizational needs

  • Plan, direct, control and evaluate the work of the Finance Clerk

Incumbent must exhibit skill in the following competency areas:

  • Financial Management

  • Technical Capacity

  • Ethical Practice

  • Performance Management

  • Leadership & Navigation

  • Communication Proficiency

  • Financial/Budget Analysis

  • Knowledge of GAAP Principles

  • Strategic Thinking

  • Problem Solving/Analysis