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Positive Provisions for People (P3)



To provide support and motivation to individuals who have exhibited hard work and compassion throughout their daily lives.



Home Furnishings: Age 18 or older, paying at least half of all household expenses.

Auto Grant: Age 21 or older, licensed, work full-time at least 6 months OR attend school full-time at least one semester OR working part-time AND attending school at least half-time. Recipient must not own nor lease a working vehicle at any time during or after nomination or application.

BDA Independent Scholarship: Age 18 or older if married, have children and/or both parents are deceased and/or incarcerated, Age 24 or older if unmarried, without children and at least one living parent, Minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5.

Bill Pay Grant: Age 51 or older, Annual Individual Discretionary Income under $3,600, Annual Household Discretionary Income under $7,200 in Households of 3 or more.


To receive any grants or scholarships, you may be asked to submit any of the following: ID or Driver's License, Utility Bills, Rent Receipts or Lease Agreement, Proof of Employment or Enrollment, Transcripts, College Acceptance Letter, Marriage License, Child's Birth Certificate, Proof of Income


Bonus Features:

  • Every recipient will be asked to sign a contract releasing that individual of any future obligations to BDA. Translation: Our goal is to support YOU!

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