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Positive Provisions for People (P3)



To provide support and motivation to individuals who have exhibited hard work and compassion throughout their daily lives.



Standard Members or Nominees aged 18 or older (or emancipated minor).

Home Furnishings: Age 18 or older, paying at least half of all household expenses.

Auto Grant: Age 21 or older, licensed, work full-time at least 6 months OR attend school full-time at least one semester OR working part-time AND attending school at least half-time. Recipient must not own nor lease a working vehicle at any time during or after nomination or application.

BDA Independent Scholarship: Age 18 or older if married, have children and/or both parents are deceased and/or incarcerated, Age 24 or older if unmarried, without children and at least one living parent, Minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5.

Bill Pay Grant: Age 51 or older, Annual Individual Discretionary Income under $3,600, Annual Household Discretionary Income under $7,200 in Households of 3 or more.


To receive any grants or scholarships, you may be asked to submit any of the following: ID or Driver's License, Utility Bills, Rent Receipts or Lease Agreement, Proof of Employment or Enrollment, Transcripts, College Acceptance Letter, Marriage License, Child's Birth Certificate, Proof of Income


Bonus Features:

  • Nominees may be selected by citizens, members or BDA. It is much easier than it sounds to be selected if you are truly in need of support.
  • Every recipient will be asked to sign a contract releasing that individual of any future obligations to BDA. Translation: Our goal is to support YOU!
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