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Reclaiming Our Children (ROC) Program



To formulate and strengthen a network of educators, caretakers, coaches and other individuals involved in a child's growth and development to support and promote stronger relationship ties between parents and their children.



Children of Ultimate Members or Invited Guests, or Nominees aged 5 to 17 are eligible to participate. Students with As, Bs, and no more than one C may be eligible for our Shopping Spree Grant or Laptop Grant. High School Seniors or Graduates age 18 and under on December 31 of the reward year are eligible to receive the BDA Dependent Scholarship.



Sign Up for Monthly ROC Workshops. Submit Identification, Report Card and/or College Acceptance Letter for Grants & Scholarship.


Bonus Features:

  • Monthly ROC Circle for At-Risk Youth, Meetings bring together parents, teachers, caretakers, coaches, etc.
  • Youth have two Prize-winning opportunities at each Monthly ROC Workshop
  • Youth may gain support to jump-start Community Action Projects
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