Current Campaign

Black Awareness Networking & Discussion Seminars (BANDS)



To provide an environment for individuals seeking information on topics covering a variety of industries and connections to individuals and resources within those industries.



Standard Members or Invited Guests aged 17 years or older are welcome to attend this event. Entrepreneurs, Artists, Clergymen, Authors, Attorneys, Engineers, Investors, Politicians, Property Owners, Researchers, Educators, Motivational Speakers and College Students may also register to attend.

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Pre-Register up to the day of the event, or Register upon arrival to the event.

Bonus Features:

  • Gain physical, moral and financial support to jump-start your own community action project. Simply complete an Action Project Initiation Form to get started (you must attend a BAND Seminar to begin the process).
  • With each visit, you have multiple chances to win a prize worth up to $500. Your chance increases with your participation and action, so no names out of a hat at these events! Your involvement makes you a winner!
  • Vendors may pay a flat $55.00 fee to set up a table or booth of any size to market and sell products and services.