Black Discussion & Awareness

Inform. Support. Connect. Motivate.


Blacks in America Need...


...Accurate Information.

The income, opportunity and education gaps between Black and White Americans have continued to grow over the years as a result of constant misinformation that plagues our culture and continues to feed existing gaps.


...Firm Support.

Generations of African Americans have come and gone without ever receiving real support and/or opportunities to build wealth or strengthen safety nets for their families.  


...The Right Connections.

Many recognize a divide between African Americans and Africans who migrate and immigrate to the U.S., however, the division that has caused most damage has been deeply embedded in our own Black American culture.


...The Best Motivation.

Leaders and organizations have done great work in spreading "hope" to people of our culture. However, hope is not all that Black culture needs. We must find and establish new approaches to motivation.